This website will present my biography from the perspective of my gender identity. It is meant to follow the steps of my self-discovery in the light of biographical stations and small episodes, and to explain my current self-placement as non-binary - agender(fluidflux). Maybe this can help some fellow humans with their self-discovery. It will at least help me to reflect upon myself. It hopefully will also become a source of information (or at least as a portal to more detailed information) on non-binary gender topics.

Unfortunately, life demanded more time than expected, so there was none left to foster this project. I hope to create some serious content in the third quarter of ????. Be sure to come back from time to time and have a look!

Here is some (German) media coverage on the recent developments in my life, or media with personal involvement:

Until then, you can write me an email. Serious requests are answered!

PGP key available on request. Fingerprint: FB7E 18C3 1C87 1CE5 CB20 A07F 5E42 8DB3 52B6 023A